Welcome to Planted Nutrition. Here you will find the latest updates on health and wellness.

Planted Nutrition is a health coaching business based on the ideas demonstrated at Integrative Nutrition (IIN). The role of a Health Coach is to guide and mentor clients towards achieving their personal wellness goals by getting to the “why” for change. Through listening to clients’ concerns, helping to identify personal challenges, supporting the action each individual needs to take and holding clients accountable. We take the focus firstly towards Primary Foods before diving into Secondary Foods.

Primary Foods are known as the circle of life, focusing on 12 areas in life which have a great impact on our overall health and well-being both physically and mentally, while Secondary Foods are the food that goes on our plate, or our nutritional diet. Secondary foods also includes shopping and preparing food for ourselves and the family while adding the most important vitamin L (Love) back into each meal.

Based on this, there are two 6 week programs currently offered, firstly moving through Primary Foods, then continue onto our Secondary Foods program. This approach is taken from IIN showing the importance of having our life as a whole balanced and under control before we can take control of what we eat. Put simply, learning where our emotional eating comes from.

In reality, there is no information gap, but rather a transformation gap – in general, as humans we know what is good or bad (within reason), but why don’t we eat that piece of fruit over the chocolate bar? Vegetables rather than fried, processed foods? The answer is simple and comes back to emotional eating and an imbalance in our lives.